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Honest woman meaning

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[and] I dont know how a guy like you meaninh to stay single so honest woman meaning Im hispanic, live alone, no kids (but hope to some day), and been single for about 2 yrs .

Age: 36
Relationship Status: Mistress
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City: Houston, TX
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Top definition.

An old-school saying referring to the fact that a couple meaaning living in sin until they're married. Once married, the bride would be considered an honest woman. When are you going to get honest woman meaning and make an honest woman out of her?

A female human that can actually be trusted to tell you the truth! This usually results from a freak head-injury or an extremely rare genetic anomaly.

In the highly unlikely event honest woman meaning ever find one, do your best to keep her because she is rarer than the four-leafed clover and even more valuable than a four-bedroom house in London! The last girl I slept with told me she was an honest woman because she was thinking of dumping her boyfriend.

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