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South italian women

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Per saperne di piu' The women of the south. Imagine the women of the wo,en, dressed in black, crucified south italian women rosaries We imagine them deaf and mute.

And as hard as stones, these women have resisted the change of time, and like the plasticity of the tuff they walked on, they have traced the footsteps of circumstances, unshakable, unyielding We remain conditioned by the idea that as woman of the South she willingly delegated her role, overshadowed, marginalized by south italian women mechanisms, and in the ongoing debate, the stereotype continues. It is they who handed down jealously guarded family values, creating inlays in everyday life, respectful of hidden wisdom.

They walk tall, south italian women proud, they go forward, solitary with their dignified silent.

And from the asian escorts in hamilton melodious Southern fatality, from the poignant veiled choral of struggling voices, glimpse of south italian women unspoken silent transpires, a musical one, and not by chance, made up of unusual sounds, no longer conceived and perceived by us, but where is still easy to hear the echo in fairway distances. Undertones crossing the Mediterranean, south italian women and wide, creating resounding waves, swapping, interlacing, piling, and most often amalgamated by primordial cults linked to the rituals of fertility.

The woman's beauty is glimpsed in the sensuality of the dances, the natural approaching of the bodies, the maliciously furtive touching of the eyes. Ancient rhythms recreate moments of long gone rituals, steeped in the human suffering, the power of the mind that tends to cross the mind, inebriating her thoughts with the power to undo ancient patriarchal 100 gratis dating and for a few lasting electrifying moments make herself absent of any reasoning.

The 'Pizzica' releases the pride of women's silence, the deep respect south italian women the women of the South have had toward their own existence, hidden but always present, quietly continuing to spread the memory of the south italian women, like a root that lives and feels the sounds of the earth.

In the mirror of real life, stories are told daily, impossible love, heroic south italian women, human struggles, the common and personal feelings become a moment of universal synthesis, expressing states of suffering and complex feelings, giving voice to bitterness, to the feeling of loneliness and abandonment, south italian women the tiredness of abuse, to forbidden love.

Made in South Italy Today. Adapted and translated by R.